How we make our custom wood doors

Some other custom wood door companies claim to hand-craft, hand-build, or custom craft their wood doors. But at the Forged Oak, we take that “custom” thing seriously. Working from our office in the North Georgia town of Gainesville, we design, craft and build everything by hand and made to order. So, there’s a love, commitment and uniqueness that goes into every single one of our doors.

We start by having our clients fill out our form on the Custom Build page. Once we have the information on what our customers are looking for we dive into the process of designing and/or drawing up your custom wood door. We present a sketch, drawing or digital rendering to the customer for confirmation, before our team hand-crafts that wood door exactly the way that you’re looking for.

Our customers come to us from across the US and around the world, but much of our business happens right in our own back yard of Northeast Georgia. Just an hour north of Atlanta, on the shores of beautiful Lake Lanier, and a stone’s throw from the Appalachian mountains, the Forged Oak takes hand-crafted doors seriously. We know you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your special project, and we do our best to meet and exceed expectations, every single time.

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